Artist Statement

I love working with clay, the possibilities are endless. My work reflects so much of my life….summers at the ocean, gardening, my love of animals and also a bit of whimsy. My home and studio are located in Townsend Massachusetts, where I enjoy my family, friends, and art.

Seeking creativity in my life. I decided I would become a potter….it should only take a few classes. Oh, was I wrong! I believe it took 8 weeks to simply center the clay on the potters wheel (actually it took a very long time). Frustrations aside, I was hooked. From the first pottery classes to where I am now, has been a very long road. Balancing a “hobby” with raising children, family, friends and life in the so-called real world was challenging….but no matter what, I always found time for clay.

For those familiar with my work, as well as those for whom it is new, this website will offer a changing selection of images and interesting stories concerning the direction that my work is taking, with upcoming exhibitions, and shows, and with events here at the studio.  Please try to visit the studio and show room.

As a potter, I am always amazed to see how shapes and design evolve. I believe it is instinct, inspiration and openness to change which leads to great discovery. I am attracted to the bowl for its simplicity in shape, yet my decorating approach is complex. I find this an interesting, as I find it represents life.

I hope to express how exciting and fun working with clay can be. I have also discovered along the way, that one needs a sense of humor, and to not take yourself or your work to seriously. Pottery breaks, its the nature of the beast. It is very important to me that I enjoy the process of creating my work Most of all, it is important to remember, I became a potter because it is FUN.