Funny things happen

Many times (more often than we wish) odd surprises occur during a firing.

Sometimes a test glaze comes out really great, sometimes a test glaze that expect to be great turns out horrid.

Sometimes a test glaze comes out great, but the record keeping has much to be desired, so one really doesnt know how to recreate that wicked cool glaze.

Sometimes bad things happen, but in the name of jinx, I wont say a word.

Sometimes equipment gets old and you know it needs replacing but its going to cost money or you havent just sat down and ordered what you need – in time.

Recently I would walk by my box of kiln stilts (little three legged supports for pots that have glaze on the bottom), and I would say, hmmmmm, they are looking pretty lousy, I really should order more… Stilts tend to weaken over time, due to the heat of the kiln and weight of the pots.


stilt malfunction

We now have a birdfeeder duplex!  Stuck together until the end of time, OR a hammer gets close enough.  🙂

Its okay, stuff like this happens, and I am greatful for how infrequent.

I ordered more stilts yesterday!