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The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Fair will be virtual Aug 1 – Aug 9.

Due to the pandemic and safety reasons the League and its Membership have decided to have a virtual fair this year, and look forward to the real thing in 2021.

To see the work of nearly 150 crafts people, you will be able to go to the Leagues website link HERE. To see my work in my ETSY store, go HERE

SHIPPING! Shipping is expensive. Much of my work is heavy and the costs to ship a toad house for example, will be $15. Larger items or numerous items will be much more. I am encouraging CURBSIDE PICKUP. I live on the Massachusetts/ New Hampshire line.

If curbside pick up is something your considering… find your item on ETSY and contact me ASAP via email. While in communication with you I will remove item from etsy and make payment and pick up arrangements.


You can simply order through Etsy where you will be charged the shipping. Leave a note to Seller, and indicate your curbside plans for pick up, and upon pick up I will reimburse the shipping charges. We can communicate through the Etsy message service.

Spring 2020

We have certainly all been faced with new challenges in 2020. I hadn’t got my clay order in on time and my kiln is under repair, therefore I have been not able to make or fire any work. I have the time to update my social media accounts, do some drawing and experimenting with some of my craft supplies.

Summer 2016

In my efforts to collect beach stones I have ventured out over last year, in some pretty chilly weather.  Bundled up with winter coat, water boots and earmuffs during the late fall and early spring, and during the summer it quickly changes to shorts, tee shirt and flip flops ( my favorite) .  Below is a picture of my rock collecting gear, include bucket, water boots, sunglasses, head band, pales, and bags….I do look interesting.



















We finally had snow today.  We expected 2-4 inches, and well, the missed, we got 10.

If your not a snow lover, this winter has been perfect.  Below is a photo of one my Garden Totems, with the little bit of snow we had gotten until now.


My new “office”

It has been a wonderful summer, full of great weather, great friends and quite a few trips to the beach….my new office.  Trips to the “office” have a purpose other than soaking up the waves and sun.  My new work requires a lot of beach stones, the more the better.  There are certain specs that have to be met, before I toss them in the sand pail.  Flat-oval-thin.  Black, white, green, or red.  Occasionally a stray stone, one considered “amazing” will find its way to the pail.

My new obsession is just an extension to my old beach combing days.  I felt a sense of urgency last week, as the water and weather will be getting colder, and it will not be a place for flip-flops for another 6 months.



July 2015 – new work

It took nearly a year of sketching, day dreaming, imagining and collecting “just the right beach stones”, but we finally have it.  I am quite happy with how things turned out.  Each piece was thrown on the wheel, trimmed, carved and worked on to create a channel.  Then each was burnished, fired, glazed inside only and fired again.  The finishing touches are placed in the channel when complete.

040 041 042 043 044

New work for 2015

Like most of the country winter has been difficult here.  Sometimes after snow removal projects there is little energy and desire to do studio work.  Some work got done, maybe more than I realized.  New ideas are swirling in my head, we will see where that goes.  Most of the time I feel a bit frazzled because I feel very far behind.

Below are some photos of new Patio Lanterns, the will be in two sizes and two colors….for now.

003 006 IMG_2198