Yours, Mine and Ours Exhibit

It has been a few years since Peter Bloch and I collaborated in creating 4 beautiful lamps.  Each lamp base was comprised of the clay beads that I use to make my garden towers, and his beautiful wooden lampshades.

Oct 2 – Dec 18 there is an exhibit at League of NH Craftsmen Headquarters showing the work of many collaborations and the work of the individual arts and their own work.  It is spectacular.  Amazing things happen when artists work together

This is a photo of one of the lamps that Peter and I made.BarryCollab_1

Holiday Sales and Shows



It amazes me how fast the year goes by.  In the pottery world, when preparing for shows, we have to plan months ahead of time. We generally don’t fire our kiln unless it can be fully loaded, as it would be a waste of energy otherwise.  We have to make our work, trim our work and let our work dry. (depending on the weather conditions, this could take over a week.)   We then do our first firing, called the bisque.  After that work cools, we then prepare and glaze our work for the second firing.  If all goes well, we then pack our work for our next show or for gallery sales.

Here we are staring the Holiday Season in the face and I am certainly not ready.  I have 3 small shows to prepare for, and several galleries that need stocking.

leries and shows.  There will definitely  be a few special added treasures as well.


Triple turret castle.  Lovely in the home or patio
Triple turret castle. Lovely in the home or patio

Totems 1

Blue toad house

My best show of the year.

 I am currently wrapping up my preparations for the largest craft fair that I participate in .  The League of NH Craftsmen Fair, located at the base of Mt. Sunapee, in Newbury NH. Aug 2- Aug 10.  10-5:00 each day.

138 139




 I have  been creating work for the fair for 6 months now.  Some pieces are similar to years past, but of coarse we have a few new items too. 

Small Bird Baths and Smokey Owls are new this year.  If you can make it to the fair, please stop by booth 440 and say hello!

008 030



November is a sure reminder that winter is on its way.  They best part of November are warmer days, 50 and 60 degree days make me smile.  The wild birds are at the feeders entertaining us.  The squirrel is also at the feeder, annoying my dog Penny.

Though I missed my intended deadlines, I managed to make my final holiday delivery yesterday…..what a great feeling.  I have a new place to sell my work.  Its not a gallery, but a florist in Dunstable MA, Rose of Sharon.  A lovely country florist, quit sweet.

I am also doing one last show for the season.  I have been asked to participate with friends on December 7th at the Picker Building Holilday Market, in Nashua NH.  The Picker Building is where I once taught pottery classes at the Out on a Limb Pottery and made numerous friends in the building.  I am greatful to be included in this event filled with incredibly talented artists.

December 7, 12-5

Picker Holiday Market 2013

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year!   Great ideas are brewing in my studio.  I thought it would be
fun to look back at some of the events and creations of 2012 as we look forward
to a new year of great ideas and a lot of art in our lives.

toad house that live at Betsy's house

The photo at
the top of this post is that of one of my Toad Houses that found its new home
in the garden of a friend of mine in Nashua NH..
I just love the spoon placed
nearby adding even more fun to the space.


MVA show-12 Paula-a

Here is a photo of how my booth appeared at the Merrimack Valley Artisans show in October.  It is the first time I offered the new Wall Pieces for sale.  I enjoyed the process of pressing flowers and creating tiles.




159One of my castles will be displayed in and exhibit called A Child at Heart, at
the Craft Center of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen.

The exhibit
runs January 11 – April 13 2013.

Gallery hours are  Monday – Friday,
Saturday 10- 4:00p, during exhibits only.

The Gallery is
loated at 49 South Main St., Suite 100
Concord NH



BarryCollab_1This is a beautiful lamp that was created by Peter Bloch and myself.  We displayed it at an exhibit called
Living With Crafts.  It is the first time I have collaborated with another
artist.  I hope it wont be the last.  Peter is a wood turner  who creates
stunning lamp shades as well as other pieces.









015These wonderful Garden Totems were displayed in the sculpture garden at the
League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Fair, at Mt. Sunapee this past August.
found a new home in Maryland







I certainly am looking forward to a creative 2013, and I wish the same for you.